My Safer Beauty Story

I understand that talking about beauty products doesn’t really fit my usual ‘Jesus and feels’ posts. But this blog is for worship & intentional living, and I think choosing wisely is a great way to live intentionally.

Plus, how fun. Right?!

I’ve always loved all things health and wellness. When I first came to Iowa State, as early followers of this blog probably recall, I was a Kinesiology and Health major. Learning about exercise, nutrition, and healthy habits was a blast. The science part… Not so much. But that’s a whole other topic.

It wasn’t until recently that I considered personal care and beauty products as being part of a healthy lifestyle. I try to eat fairly well, exercise, drink water, and get enough sleep, but had never given much thought to what was going ON my body.


A few months ago, I learned that several health issues can be linked to ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals. These health issues include but are not limited to asthma, cancer, and infertility issues, for example. Many of these unsafe chemicals are found in our personal care and beauty products, and the U.S. has not passed a major law to regulate them since 1938.

When I learned this, I was shocked. I started looking up more about common ingredients that are unsafe, and I found that many of them are hormone disrupters and carcinogens (cancer-causing agents).

I take that personally.

When I was 18, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). About 10% of women are diagnosed, so I’m sure several of you reading may be in the same boat. Cysts on my ovaries, extremely irregular cycles, excess body hair, trouble losing weight, and any other glamorous side effect–I have them all. Plus, whenever I go to the doctor, they always brings up my higher risk of ovarian cancer, which is not so fun.

You know what I don’t need? Products that include MORE hormone disruption and MORE cancer-causing agents. So, I made the switch.

I switched to Beautycounter because their health and safety standard goes well beyond what is legally required. They have banned over 1500 ingredients from their products, so I can rest assured that what I’m using is safer.


I jumped on board as a consultant to help spread awareness and get safer products into everyone’s hands. So far, it’s been a blast! Our mission is important, AND our products are luxurious and fun to use!

If you’re interested in trying safer products, you can check out my website. You can view our collections, read more about our mission, and find out how to get involved! Or just leave a comment with any questions, I always love to chat with you.

Thanks for reading. Here’s to safer beauty for all!


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