Confessions of a Bulldog Momma

We first saw a picture of Winston online while sitting around our table with a few friends for Sunday dinner. He was Puppy #2 and we loved the random white spot on his back. A few days later, I sent an email to the breeder and…someone else was also interested in #2. But clearly the Lord knew we needed the most stubborn and energetic pup of the bunch for our sanctification and worked everything out.

Speaking of #2, that’s exactly what happened the very first night he was home. All. Over. His. Crate. We spent a good half an hour cleaning and giving a 9-pound ball of wrinkles a bath.

Once we were all finally back in bed, I rolled over with teary eyes and whispered to Dellan, “I love him so much.” That’s true love, people.

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I’ve learned a lot over the last several months living with Winston. Just for fun, today I’d like to tell a little about the good, frustrating, and silly parts of being a bulldog mom.


  1. Winston’s personality is hilarious. Bulldogs are smart, stubborn, and affectionate. He tries so hard to snuggle with us and it’s funny to watch a 53-pound lug try to be a lap dog.
  2. We can always hear him. He breathes loudly and snores while he sleeps. It’s kind of nice because I can easily find out which room he’s in just by listening.
  3. While his breathing is noisy, he hardly ever barks. When he’s upset or trying to tell me he wants some peanut butter, he just whines and grunts as loud as he can. We call him ‘small pig’ because that’s what he sounds like.
  4. He is sensitive. His stomach, his skin, his ears, and just about everything else needs extensive care to keep him from getting sick. He eats grain-free food, needs joint supplements and allergy pills, and has to have his wrinkles wiped often. You really have to be a dog person–or more accurately, a bulldog person– to stick with all the little caregiving tasks.
  5. Because he is sensitive, we go to the vet about once a month. Last month, he had a cyst on his foot. As we speak, he has a respiratory infection. We knew he was a medically needy breed before we got him, but I didn’t realize what that really meant! Thankfully he’s sweet enough to make up for it.
  6. He doesn’t have to be walked much, and if we do take him for a walk, he comes home and collapses on the floor for a couple of hours. Since we don’t have a big yard and are gone fairly often, it’s nice that he doesn’t have a lot of energy. Also, the snuggles.
  7. We’ve become used to hearing from the vet and the internet “Oh yeah, that’s just a bulldog thing.” I’ll type in ‘My bulldog’s eyelid is swollen’ and Google will spit out ‘Bulldogs and Cherry Eye.’ It’s helpful but I also wonder where the comprehensive ‘Bulldog Thing’ list is. I would like to make several copies.
  8. Winston LOVES tea. Has he ever had any? No. But every time I have either iced or hot tea, he’s jumping all over me and sniffing and trying to lick my cup. He gets that from me, probably.
  9. He also loves tug of war, and he’s really good at it. Usually we just tug and tug and no one wins. If someone does win, it’s because Winston has actually pulled the toy out of my hand.
  10. He doesn’t really have a tail, so he wiggles his whole butt when we come home. It’s as cute as it sounds.

Winston turns 10 months old tomorrow, so 10 feels like a good place to stop. Our pup is such a sweet part of our life and I hope these fun facts made you smile!

I’d love to hear about your pets and any quirks they have in the comments.

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