A Letter to Those in the Thick of It


Dear one,

Is it a prayer unanswered? The answer you weren’t hoping for?

Is it something you never asked for in the first place?

I hope you sit with it.

I hope you’re taking some time, turning it over in your hands, and telling Him about it. I know you’re tempted to hurry ahead, but chanting “time will heal” while pushing the Healer away won’t soothe your wounds. He’s offered to carry all your burdens. He knows you need Him.

I hope you are honest about it.

He knows your innermost thoughts. He understands how you work better than you do, and He sees that you’re hurt, frustrated, even angry. You are not too much for Him. And you aren’t too much for your people either. If they love you, chances are they’re longing to help. You are not alone. You were not made to endure it alone.

I hope you aren’t letting the darkness win.

Do not believe your wavering heart when it says that if He was sovereign, it wouldn’t have happened. Or that if He is good, surely He had nothing to do with it. Write it on your mirror and speak it aloud:

“He is sovereign and He is good. I have it both ways.”

I’m confident that good will come from it.

If you lean in, abide, trust, He will bear fruit. He has vowed to make you new, to bring light to the darkest places, to strengthen you with every step. He will write a better story than you could ever think up.

I can’t wait to watch it unfold.

Speaking to your heart and mine with love,



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