Elora’s Dedication

Dellan and I had a dedication for Elora over the weekend at our home. It was a great way to celebrate her as a family, and I especially loved that it was specific to her. I’m sharing the details here both for us to commemorate and for anyone who might want to do something similar with their family.

We wanted to host a little event where we could speak truth over her, give her a blessing, and voice our commitment to raising her up in the Lord. We decided to hold it at our house and write our own little “ceremony” of sorts. Family came over for brunch and we gathered in our living room.

Dellan planned the ceremony portion. He started by having me read the first passage of Scripture, Psalm 139. Based on this photo, Elora was pretty intrigued. This passage talks about how she is already known and loved by God. She is ours, but she is also ultimately His.

I then read Psalm 127:3-5. These verses describe children as a heritage from the Lord, and she is such a gift to us.

Dellan read the last passage, Isaiah 2:1-5. Verse 5 reads:

Come, descendants of Jacob,
    let us walk in the light of the Lord.

This verse relates to the meaning of Elora’s name and our intention in choosing it.

Elora means “the Lord is my light” and that is our prayer for her life. We pray that, above all else, she would know Him personally and walk with Him.

Dellan then gave her the following blessing:


You are our firstborn, our eagerly anticipated hope, our answered prayer.

May God give you abundant life from your early days through your distant years. May He call, redeem, and transform you into a faithful and righteous pursuer of His kingdom.

Become a pillar of faith to multitudes of descendants, neighbors, and cities. Be a servant to your siblings and a lighthouse in their storms. Courageously display your unique gifts for God’s people.

I ended our time with prayer. I thanked God for her and prayed that we would daily rise up to the task of raising her well.

This little girl is such a huge blessing. I can’t wait to continue getting to know her and love her, and I’m so glad that we get to be her parents.