This Too Shall Pass

I would go back and tell it to my 19-year-old self when she was overwhelmed. When she transferred schools and wondered if she had made a huge mistake. When, in some ways, she felt like a small child navigating a world meant for adults.

I would go back and tell it to my 22-year-old self when she was disappointed. When she panicked and changed course yet again. When she started wanting to become a momma but knew deep down it would take time.

I would go back and tell it to my 23-year-old self when she was disenchanted. When her dog became sicker and sicker right before her eyes and, in turn, her family became smaller when she hoped it would grow. When she felt like all she could do was make wrong turns. When life just wasn’t at all turning out the way she had expected.

“This too shall pass.

Just hang on a little bit longer. Keep trusting. None of this will be wasted. You’ll see.”

And I’d tell it to my 20-year-old self when she was unconditionally excited. When she started the year with a life-changing trip to the other side of the world and ended it with the week leading up to her wedding. When she could taste the goodness that God had planned for her.

I’d tell it to my 21-year-old self when she was truly overjoyed. When she got to marry her best friend. When she moved into that first little apartment and their rhythms and habits began to intertwine into one wonderful life.

I’d tell it to my 24-year-old self when she was totally at peace. When she was enjoying the fruit of trusting God. When she had abundant time to spend with her husband. When she lived a life of weekend trips, long nightly walks, and sleeping in.

“This too shall pass.

There are so many gifts all around you. Soak them up. Enjoy them to the fullest.”

Now, I’m telling my 25-year-old self to keep both in mind:

“The bad will pass, and I know God will grant the strength to keep going, keep trusting, and keep seeking. But the good will pass, too. There will never be another season like the one you’re in. Each one has unique gifts.

This too shall pass. Try your best not to waste it.”

The late nights will pass. The learning curve will pass. The round-the-clock care will pass. The aftershock of a change in identity will pass. The being tied to home will pass.

But the constantly snuggling will pass, too. The gummy smiles will pass. The sense of brand-new-mom accomplishment will pass. The quiet and special moments with just me and one baby will pass.

I will never get this time back. There are moments where that sentiment feels like a blessing as I wish them away. Other times, it feels a bit like a curse.

In the end, I just want to embrace it all and keep paying attention.

I want to welcome the lessons and lean into being strengthened. I want to allow the fullness of joy that is hidden in every season.

According to the Word, understanding how quickly the days will fly by is the first step.

So teach us to number our days
that we may get a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90:12 (ESV)

So, I’m praying that He does teach me. And that He brings me back to this mindset when I forget.

Because I’d love a heart of wisdom for whatever comes my way.

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