A Perfect Day

Let’s start with the setting.

A perfect day, for me, happens somewhere in the woods–even better, the woods and mountains. I am not talking about camping, however. There is a time and place for that, but that time and place is not my perfect day.

I’m in a cabin. Something with a porch and some lounge chairs, because that is where I’d want to spend the first moments of the morning. Reading my Bible, sipping some coffee (anything’s possible here, so a chestnut praline latte from Starbucks has been delivered to the front door), and enjoying the crisp air. It’s chilled enough that I can be in a sweatshirt and sweatpants but still sunny enough to be pleasant.

Now that I mentioned a holiday Starbucks beverage, though, I realize it would only be appropriate that the cabin is decked out for Christmas on the inside. Christmas music plays softly in the background. Maybe it’s November? I put my tree up on November 1st, so let’s say it’s a comfortable November day when the air is cool and the holiday drinks are available.

Dellan and Elora are there, of course. Even though I love her, Dottie probably is staying with my sister. She will be happier there than in the cabin anyway.

After my morning coffee and time in the Word, we would snuggle up and watch a movie. My favorite is About Time so that’s what I would likely pick. There’s a big, soft blanket and more coffee. This time it’s in a plain white mug. I love those for some reason.

Then, we all go for a walk through the woods. There are colorful leaves and birds chirping. There are no ticks, mosquitoes, or spiders. We see fun things like a hidden waterfall and an amazing outlook. We enjoy a picnic together for lunch.

In the afternoon, I would take a bath at some point. It is one of those baths with lots of soapy bubbles, a few candles, and a good book to read. The soap smells like lavender and vanilla and the candle is campfire-scented. I usually read non-fiction but only an incredible fiction story is suitable for a bath.

We would also spend time playing board games and just talking together. Quality time is my love language, so as long as we’re focused on each other with no distractions, I’m happy. Maybe we do a puzzle as we talk.

That about checks about all the boxes for me. I will say there would probably be some ice cream and maybe a chocolate chip cookie or two in the mix.

Dottie climbed into my lap while I was writing this and is staring up at me very sweetly, so maybe she could come after all.

I’m interested: what would your perfect day include? Let me know in the comments!

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