25 Posts in Under 30 Days

On July 22, I challenged myself to blog every day (with a few exceptions) for a month. My fall semester starts Monday the 23rd, and I was hoping to use the few weeks with more margin to exercise my writing muscles.

After averaging probably 8-10 posts per year since I started this blog, I’ve added 25 posts (counting this one) since that day! I am super proud of myself. I also took the month off from social media which was a huge help in clearing my mind and refocusing.

I had a couple of goals with doing this challenge. First, I just wanted to prove to myself that I had the time and ability to write more often than I was. I definitely have a habit of procrastinating by busying myself with less important tasks. Whenever I have an assignment I’m avoiding or don’t feel like sending an email, for example, I’m suddenly cleaning out the fridge or reorganizing the bathroom closet. I feel productive which makes it convenient to put off what really needs done. This kind of procrastination is what often keeps me from being creative and writing.

There were days over the last few weeks where I truly felt like I had nothing to say. It even happened a few days ago. Then, by the next day, I had thought of something that I was excited about. Choosing to put something on the page every day was a great practice in staying consistent even when the inspiration wasn’t necessarily present.

I also took this on because I had been feeling called to use the gifts God had given me for His glory. I may be in a season of changing diapers and reading textbooks, but I want to be faithful to Him by writing with the good of others in mind. I hope that at least one of my posts encouraged you! That is my primary goal in sharing what God has been teaching me.

If you’ve been following along: thank you so much. If you’ve missed a few, I’d love if you would take a look around the site. I’m not sure how often I will post from here on out, but it will definitely be between more than 1 and less than 25 times per month, I’d say.

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