Bare With Me

I tend to fall into believing that I am held to a higher standard than everyone else in the Kingdom. Satan is sneaky and tells me there's grace for all except me. And in times when I'm believing his lies, my lifestyle clearly shifts. I become much less vulnerable with the people I love. I don't talk about my … Continue reading Bare With Me

Body and Soul

Body image. Unattainable weight standards. Pressure. Grace. More grace. I don't believe this post will be groundbreaking by any means. God recently planted truth in me about an issue that so many women have faced and overcome by his grace. It's brand new to me, though, so here comes some writing worship to commemorate his goodness. junior year of … Continue reading Body and Soul


Laurel friend texted me yesterday and laughed at how I just bulleted such huge life events in my last blog post. I jokingly replied that I "didn't even mention the permanent ink on my body" and that it's really "a side note at this point" compared to everything else that's been going on. BUT I'm … Continue reading Inked