Welcome! Here’s a little about God’s work in my life & why I write:

I grew up attending a great church and I have known about Jesus since I could talk. When I was 13 years old, I attended summer camp with my youth group, and it was there that the good news of Jesus moved from my mind to my heart. I understood that his perfect life, his sacrificial death, and his victorious resurrection were all intended to move sinners like me toward repentance and faith in Him.

I gave Jesus my heart on July 15th, 2009. I saw who He was and said “I want to know you. I want to walk with you forever. I need you to rescue me from everything else that steals my affection.”

I tasted and saw that He is good. What a sweet, sweet day. He’s been sweet ever since, even when I’ve wandered or hurt Him.

See, I’m the oldest of six children. I am a firstborn through and through–responsible, conscientious, and a little bossy at times. And this dutiful gal is quick to forget the grace God extended to me through Jesus. When I’m doing all the “right” or “Christian” things, I feel like my head’s above water and I’m free to approach the throne of grace. When  I inevitably fail, I try to hide.

I’ve also been gifted one of the most sensitive of souls. Underneath all my list making and polite demeanor is a vibrant spirit that aches and rejoices from minute to minute. And all those feelings… they’re loud. When my moods go up, down, back, and forth, it’s hard to remember that Jesus is unchanging. It’s easier to believe that He doesn’t know what’s best for me. So I’ll admit, I’ve distrusted His purposes and rejected His guidance.

When I run from Jesus, I’m weary from striving and tossed around by my stormy heart. Sitting at His feet, I find rest, peace, calm, purpose, and JOY.

He gives all those precious gifts out of love and desires that I experience abundant life with Him. All I need to do? Turn toward Him just like I did that first day. Then do it again. Then wake up and do it one more time.

I write as I learn to set my face toward heaven. Truly, I haven’t found a more worthy pursuit or writing topic.

I write to cheer you on, too. Because I see you, striver. I definitely feel you, soft-hearted gals. I’m on your team. And I hope you snuggle up, take a look around, and leave encouraged.


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