I’m Gabrielle, and I’m honored that you’re here.

A little about me:

I’m a young wife, medical assistant, and writer. I’m passionate about living life with intention and worshiping in the everyday–I’m not afraid to make it all about Jesus.

I’m a 4 on the Enneagram. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this type and/or the Enneagram, here’s a quick overview: 4s are emotionally honest, creative, individualistic, romantic… and a little dramatic, moody, self-conscious, and hypersensitive. In typical 4 fashion, I don’t want to box myself into this description, but I’ll say it’s pretty accurate. And I’m laying it all out there because it all contributes to how and why I write.

When I was 13 years old, I fell in love with Jesus quickly and sincerely. I heard the same sweet gospel news that I had grown up with and knew that I needed to claim it as my own story. That I was a weary sinner. That Jesus had died to pay for my sin and risen again to give me new life in Him. And that if I confessed and believed that I could spend forever with Him.

I looked at Jesus and said, “I need you. And whatever comes, I want to do it with you.” And for a couple of years I loved Him in the most heartfelt and personal way. I spent time alone before bed journaling and reading and praying whatever my young mind thought up. God was my Father and my friend, I knew for sure.

I made some big teenage mistakes. My tendency to give my heart away, idealize, and throw logic to the wind got me into trouble a number of times. After “growing up,” so I thought, I decided it best to place Jesus into a neat box. I went to Bible college (which was great!!) and I did my best to figure God and the ‘good Christian life’ out. I had seen what I was capable of and was disgusted. I was sure God was, too, and I wanted to get it right this time.

What I found instead was a life of keeping clean outwardly and struggling inwardly. One where my emotions and passions didn’t seem to have a place and striving for perfection was tiresome. I spent most of college longing for the closeness of God that I had tasted and seen when I was younger while being afraid to slip and let my heart carry me away. I couldn’t see a way to live in tension of heart and head.

Guess what? I’m still learning.

I write as I learn to live out my days in worship. And I’m discovering more and more that God is both love and truth all at once. He’s with me and is not surprised by my huge emotions. He wants to guide me in the way everlasting without me having to carry the weight of perfectionism.

I write to cheer you on. Because I see you, perfectionist. I definitely feel you, soft-hearted gal. I’m on your team. This world is loud, but we can learn to look up.

I hope you snuggle up, take a look around, and leave encouraged.