How I Spend Time in the Word

I am so thankful for this Bible study tool from All Good Things Collective! I have tried other study methods and have had trouble finding a good balance between structure and freedom. This one hits the nail on the head, I think, and is great for everyday use. I am singing it’s praises on my own accord–no one asked me to! I sincerely believe it’s a great tool for anyone.

There are times when I love answering specific questions over a passage that really make me think. In fact, I’m participating in a great study of Genesis with my church ladies right now. And in other seasons of life, simply getting alone with God and reading a passage is what my heart needs.

Most of the time, I’m craving a bit of both. I want to sit and soak in the Word and enjoy spending time with my Father. I want to journal and speak truth over my everyday circumstances. I want to learn a little more each day and know the Lord better. Daily Remain gives me all of these at once with helpful prompts and plenty of space to write.

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Daily Remain is meant to be used alongside your daily Bible reading. Meaning, it won’t give you a passage to read or ask you questions pertaining to a specific verse. Instead, it gives you a framework for gratitude, note-taking, prayer, and more. It also has pages in the back for sermon notes so all your thoughts and notes can live in one place!

Here’s the little card that comes inside when you buy one. It explains each section!


There are 3 sections that I am particularly thankful for. I think anyone could benefit from including these in their daily study, even if you don’t grab a Daily Remain for yourself.

  1. COUNT THE FRUIT: Of course. I’m aaalllll about gratitude. And I love being prompted to think on what God has done in my life over the last day or so. It’s very helpful to appreciate His goodness and this section prepares my heart to spend time with Him.
  2. TAKE IT TOO FAR: Here’s where some learning takes place. I use this section to look up a few words from the passage in their original language. All I do is pull out my phone and search something like “Romans 8:28 greek” and click a word I want to learn more about. It helps me learn without feeling overwhelmed or like I’m doing homework, which is great for daily study.
  3. TAKE AWAYS: After reading, journaling, learning, and praying, I appreciate the nudge to stop and write a few key points. This is where I organize my thoughts into takeaways that I can remember throughout the day.

What’s your favorite way to study the Bible? Have you tried any of these methods before?

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